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Vivo Communication Technology
Native name
IndustryConsumer electronics
Founded2009; 11 years ago
FounderShen Wei
Headquarters , 
Area served
Sri Lanka
Key people
Shen Wei
(founder & CEO)
and online services
ParentBBK Electronics

Chinese name
Simplified Chinese维沃移动通信有限公司
Traditional Chinese維沃移動通信有限公司
Literal meaningvivo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.
Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese technology company owned by BBK Electronics that designs and develops smartphones, smartphone accessories, software and online services. BBK Electronics also owns Oppo, Realme and OnePlus. The company develops software for its phones, distributed through its vivo App Store, with iManager included in their proprietary, Android-based operating system, Funtouch OS.
With research and development centers in Shenzhen and Nanjing, vivo employs 1,600 R&D personnel, as of January 2016.


Vivo was founded in 2009, in Dongguan, China, and was named for the Esperanto word for "life".[citation needed]
In the first quarter of 2015, vivo was ranked among the top 10 smartphone makers, achieving a global market share of 2.7%.[2]


Since its founding in 2009, vivo has expanded to over 100 countries around the world. International expansion began in 2014, when the company entered the Thai marketplace.[3] vivo quickly followed up with launches in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.
In 2017, vivo entered the smartphone market in Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Macau, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, and Nepal.[4][5][6][7] In June 2017, it entered the Pakistan mobile phone market and the vivo brand is currently experiencing rapid growth in popularity in the country.[8][9]
On 26 November 2017, vivo entered the Nepali market with its Y53 and Y65 models.[10] In 2019, it started operations in the Middle East.[citation needed]
vivo devices were also sold in the US under the brand BLU such as the BLU Vivo X launched in 2018.[11]


vivo Mansion in Nanjing, China
In October 2015, vivo became the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League under a two-year deal starting in the 2016 season.[12][13] In July 2017, the deal was extended until 2022.[14]
In June 2017, vivo reached a sponsorship deal with FIFA to become the official smartphone brand of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups.[15] The company also became a title sponsor of India's Pro Kabaddi.[16]
vivo has a sponsorship deal with the NBA in China, with Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry endorsing the brand in China and the Philippines.[17]


vivo logo used until 9 January 2019 in China and February 2019 in other countries
vivo V7 of "V"-Series
vivo has designed numerous phones, including several concept phones. vivo "V" series are the flagship cell phone models of the company.[18]

Vivo Y-Series[edit]

ModelDate launchedProcessorMemoryRear CameraFront CameraBattery
Y15 (2013)2013Mediatek MT65824GB512MB5MP2MP1900 mAh
Y27December 2014Qualcomm Snapdragon 41016GB5MP2260 mAh
Y28Mediatek MT65828GB2100 mAh
Y112014, Q4Mediatek MT6582М4GB512MB5MP2MP1700 mAh
Y35July 2015Qualcomm Snapdragon 41016GB2GB13MP5MP2720 mAh
Y37August 2015Qualcomm Snapdragon 6152300 mAh
Y15S (2015)Mediatek MT65808GB1GB5MP2MP1900 mAh
Y31September 20158MP2100 mAh
Y51December 2015Qualcomm Snapdragon 41016GB2GB5MP
Y55LOctober 2016Qualcomm Snapdragon 4302650 mAh
Y67November 2016Mediatek MT675032GB4GB13MP16MP3000 mAh
Y55sFebruary 2017Qualcomm Snapdragon 42516GB2/3GB5MP2730 mAh
Y25March 2017Mediatek MT65801GB5MP2MP1900 mAh
Y53April 2017Qualcomm Snapdragon 4252GB8MP5MP2500 mAh
Y69August 2017MediaTek MT67503GB13MP16MP3000 mAh
Y65November 2017Qualcomm Snapdragon 4255MP
Y71April 201816/32GB3360 mAh
Y53i16GB2GB8MP8MP2500 mAh
Y83May 2018MediaTek Helio P2232/64GB4GB13MP3260 mAh
Y85Qualcomm Snapdragon 45013MP
2MP (Depth)
Y81August 2018MediaTek Helio P2232GB3/4GB13MP5MP
Y83 ProSeptember 201864GB4GB13MP
2MP (Depth)
2MP (Depth)
16MP3315 mAh
Y81iOctober 201816GB2GB13MP5MP3260 mAh
Y91iDecember 2018Qualcomm Snapdragon 43916GB2GB13MP
2MP (Depth)
8MP4030 mAh
Y91November 201816/32GB2/3GB
March 2019MediaTek Helio P2264GB3GB
Y93November 2018Qualcomm Snapdragon 43964GB4GB
January 2019MediaTek Helio P2232GB
Y95November 2018Qualcomm Snapdragon 43932/64GB20MP
Y93sDecember 2018MediaTek Helio P22128GB8MP
Y89January 2019Qualcomm Snapdragon 62664GB16MP
2MP (Depth)
16MP3260 mAh
Y91CFebruary 2019MediaTek Helio P2216/32GB2GB13MP5MP4030 mAh
Y17April 2019MediaTek Helio P35128GB4GB13MP
8MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth)
20MP5000 mAh
Y15May 2019MediaTek Helio P2264GB16MP
Y3May 2019MediaTek Helio P35128GB4/6GB
October 201964GB4GB8MP
Y12June 2019MediaTek Helio P2232/64GB3/4GB
Y90July 2019MediaTek Helio A2216GB2GB8MP5MP4030 mAh
Y11 (2019)October 2019Qualcomm Snapdragon 43932GB3GB13MP
2MP (Depth)
8MP5000 mAh
Y19November 2019MediaTek Helio P65128GB4/6/8GB16MP (Wide)
8MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth)
Y3 StandardQualcomm Snapdragon 43964GB3GB13MP (Wide)
2MP (Depth)
Y9sDecember 2019Qualcomm Snapdragon 665128GB8GB48MP (Wide)
8MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth) 2MP (Macro)
32MP4500 mAh
Y50April 2020Qualcomm Snapdragon 66513MP (Wide)
8MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth) 2MP (Macro)
16MP5000 mAh
Y30May 2020MediaTek Helio P354GB8MP
Y70sExynos 8808GB48MP (Wide)
8MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth)
16MP4500 mAh

Vivo V-Series[edit]

ModelSeriesDate launchedOther information
V1[19]VJuly 2015
V1 Max[20]VAugust 2015
V3[21]VApril 2016
V3 Max[22]VApril 2016
V5[23]VNovember 2016
V5 Plus[24]VJanuary 2017
V5 Lite[25]VFebruary 2017
V5s[26]VMay 2017
V7+VSeptember 2017It comes with 5.99-inch display, octa-core Snapdragon 450, 4GB RAM, 16 MP rear camera, 24 MP front camera and 3225 mAh battery.[27] Soon after the launch, the phone was in news for wrong reasons. The phone was launched with 24 MP camera but the Snapdragon 450 chipset used on the phone can only support up to 21 MP camera sensor. Later vivo clarified that the updated Snapdragon 450 can support 24 MP camera, and Qualcomm later updated their official website to reflect the changes to the chipset.[28]
V7[29]VDecember 2017
V9[30]VMarch 2018
V9 Youth[31]VApril 2018
V11[32]VSeptember 2018
V11 ProVSeptember 2018The phone comes with 6.41-inch Super AMOLED display, oct-core Snapdragon 660, 6GB RAM, 12 MP + 5 MP dual camera, 25 MP front camera, 3400 mAh battery. It also has an under-display fingerprint sensor & it has a dual engine fast charging with 18W power adapter[33]
V11i[34]VSeptember 2018The vivo V11i comes with 6.3-inch display, octa-core MediaTek Helio P60 processor, 4GB RAM, 16MP+5MP dual camera, 25MP front camera and 3315 mAh battery.
V15 ProVFebruary 2019This is vivo's first phone in the V series to sport a pop-up camera and a full-screen display without a notch. It is powered by the Snapdragon 675 and has a triple-camera setup at the back. [36] V15 Pro packs 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. along with dedicated microSD card slot to expand storage up to 256GB. It is also the first phone to feature a 32-megapixel pop-up selfie camera. The phone has an under-display fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock. There is also a 3700 mAh battery that powers the phone.[37]
V15VFebruary 2019The vivo V15 was released on 20 February 2019 in India and 20 March in Southeast Asia and Russia.
V17 NeoVAugust 2019
The vivo V17 (V19 in Indonesia Market) released in India with 48MP AI Quad Camera and Ultra O Screen.
V17 ProVSeptember 2019The Vivo V17 Pro released on 20 September 2019 in India. The first with 32MP Dual Pop-Up Front Camera.
V19VApril 2020Vivo V19 in Global Version with Snapdragon 712 Chipset & Vivo Flash Charge 2.0
V19 NeoVJune 2019

Vivo X-Series[edit]

ModelRelease DateProcessorMemoryRear CameraFront CameraBattery
X1November 2012MediaTek MT658916GB1GB8MP1.3MP2000 mAh
X3August 2013MediaTek MT6589T16GB1GB8MP5MP2000 mAh
X3SDecember 2014Mediatek MT659213MP
X5December 2014Qualcomm Snapdragon 61516GB2GB13MP5MP2250 mAh
X5Max2300 mAh
X5Max+March 2015Mediatek MT6752
X5Max PlatinumJune 201532GB3GB4150 mAh
X5ProAugust 2015Qualcomm Snapdragon 61516GB2GB8MP2450 mAh
X6November 2015Mediatek MT675232GB4GB13MP8MP2400 mAh
X6Plus64GB3000 mAh
X6SMarch 2016Qualcomm Snapdragon 6522400 mAh
X6S Plus16MP3000 mAh
X7June 2016Qualcomm Snapdragon 65264GB4GB13MP16MP (Wide)3000 mAh
X7 Plus16MP4000 mAh
X9November 2016Qualcomm Snapdragon 62564/128GB4GB16MP20MP (Wide)
3050 mAh
X9 PlusQualcomm Snapdragon 65364GB6GB4000 mAh
X9sJuly 2017Qualcomm Snapdragon 6524GB20MP (Wide)
3320 mAh
X9s PlusQualcomm Snapdragon 6534015 mAh
X20October 2017Qualcomm Snapdragon 66064GB4GB12MP
5MP (Depth)
12MP (Wide)3250 mAh
X20 Plus3900 mAh
X20 Plus UDJanuary 2018128GB
X21March 2018Qualcomm Snapdragon 66064/128GB6GB12MP
5MP (Depth)
12MP (Wide)3200 mAh
X21 UD128GB
X21iMay 2018MediaTek Helio P6064/128GB4/6GB24MP (Wide)3425 mAh
X23September 2018Qualcomm Snapdragon 670128GB8GB12MP
12MP (Wide)3400 mAh
X27March 2019Qualcomm Snapdragon 710128/256GB8GB48MP (Wide)
13MP (Ultrawide) 5MP (Depth)
16MP (Wide)4000 mAh
X27 ProApril 2019256GB48MP (Wide)
13MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth)
32MP (Wide)
X30December 2019Samsung Exynos 980128/256GB8GB64MP (Wide)
32MP (Telephoto) 8MP (Ultrawide)
32MP (Wide)4350 mAh
X30 Pro64MP (Wide)
13MP (Periscope telephoto) 32MP (Telephoto) 8MP (Ultrawide)
X50 Lite12 May 2020Qualcomm Snapdragon 665128GB8GB48MP (Wide)
8MP (Ultrawide) 2MP (Depth) 2MP (Macro)
16MP (Wide)4200 mAh
X501 June 2020Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G128/256GB48MP (Wide)
13MP (Portrait) 8MP (Ultrawide) 5MP (Macro)
32MP (Wide)
X50 Pro48MP (Wide)
8MP (Periscope telephoto) 13MP (Portrait) 8MP (Ultrawide)
4315 mAh
X50 Pro+Qualcomm Snapdragon 8658/12GB50MP (Wide)
8MP (Periscope telephoto) 13MP (Portrait) 8MP (Ultrawide)
Other vivo phones
ModelSeriesDate launchedOther information
U10USeptember 2019It has 6.35-inch HD+ Halo FullView Display with a resolution of 720x1544 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and 5000mAh battery.[38]
U20UNovember 2019It has 6.53-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080x2340 pixels with Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor and 5000mAh battery[39]
Z1 ProZJuly 2019It has a 6.5-inch FHD+ (2340x1080 pixels) with Vivo iView display which has punch hole design with Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 AIE processor.[40]
Z1xZSeptember 2019It has Halo FullView Super AMOLED screen with an in-display fingerprint sensor and 4500mAh battery with Vivo Flash Charge (22.5W).[41]
S1SAugust 2019It has 6.38-inch AMOLED display with in-display fingerprint and powered by a MediaTek Helio P65.[42]
S1 ProSNovember 2019The Vivo S1 Pro has a 48MP Quad Camera with 32MP Front Camera, 128GB or 256GB ROM with 8GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Processor & 18W Dual Engine Fast Charging.
X1X2012[43]The X1 was the first vivo phone to use a Hi-Fi chip, developed by American semiconductor company Cirrus Logic.[44] vivo followed this up in 2013 by releasing the 2k-resolution screen phone, the Xplay 3s.[45] Other popular phones in the vivo lineup include the X5 Pro, the X5 Max, and the Xshot.
X7XJuly 2016
X20XSeptember 2017
X21 UDX2018The X21 UD has an under screen fingerprint scanner.[46] It used the "ClearID" technology developed by Synaptics.
X30 5GXDecember 2019The X30 was launched with the latest Samsung Exynos 980 Processor with 5G modem in the flagship smartphone, and has a quad camera with up to 60x digital zoom.
NexNEX2018The company launched a concept smartphone, vivo Apex, at the Mobile World Congress in 2018, which features a high screen-to-body ratio (91.2%), a pop-up front camera, and two optical fingerprint scanners under its OLED display. The production version was named vivo Nex.
Vivo Z6 5GZ29 February
Nex Dual Display EditionNEX2018vivo launched the Nex Dual Display Edition, which features a second OLED screen, and triple rear cameras embodied at the back, with a lunar ring instead of a sliding module.[47]
Nex 3 5GNEXSeptember 2019The Nex 3 5G has a Snapdragon 855+ Processor.


IMEI Number Fraud[edit]

In June 2020, it was revealed by the cybercrime unit of Meerut Police that more than 13,500 Vivo smartphones used in India were running on the same IMEI number. The IMEI number is a 15-digit code meant to be unique to every mobile device. In 2017, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India issued a notification stating that all mobile devices would have a unique IMEI number, failure to which in the form of manipulation or tampering could lead to a three-year jail.
The events lead to the police filing a case against Vivo and its service centre. The lapse reportedly came to light when a police officer gave his mobile phone to the staff at the cybercrime unit for examination, as the phone was not working properly despite being repaired at a Vivo service centre in Meerut. The cybercrime unit found that the IMEI number of the device was different from the one printed on the box, and then forwarded the IMEI number to the telecommunications company providing the SIM service for the handset and asked for the relevant data. The company informed that as of 24 September 2019, the same IMEI number had been running on 13,557 mobile phones in different states of the country. The Meerut police reportedly handed a notice to Vivo India’s nodal officer Harmanjit Singh under Section 91 of the CrPC, and also registered a case under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code.[48][49][50][51]


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